2 Photographers; 1 Vision




2 Photographers, 1 Vision

The Photographers are Martin Petty and Mike Dodson. We met on a shoot for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association, where Martin was doing portraits of the community for Rare Disease Day. We found we had similar outlooks, influences and styles, and decided to work together to provide a photography service from two different angles.


Martin Petty

Martin's father is an artist, which is where he thinks he got his interest in visual communication from. and won a camera in a competition at work. He enjoyed taking pictures, started taking it more seriously, and as his passion developed, he enrolled in and graduated from the British Academy of Photography in 2006.


Mike Dodson

Mike has always had a passion for images, but hindered by a complete inability to draw even a straight line, the camera became his medium of choice. After an accident involving an electron microscope and a bottle of something absolutely dreadful, Mike graduated from the University of North London in 1998.

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